Hello there my friends, it’s been a long time! You could blame a lack of diligence on my part, but in fairness I’ve been battling some nasty health issues *and* battling a new book which just didn’t seem to want to escape.  In short, life’s been a little harder than average for the last year […]

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on the website so it’s high time for an update!  Please forgive me for the looooong silence. The biggest and most important news, I suppose, is the announcement of the new novel’s title, which will be… COAST: A Test Of Faith Obviously I’m not going to […]

Brit Foods, Saskatoon, as you probably know, sells ‘COAST: An Act Of Burial’ thanks to the kindness of owner Tony Badger, who has become a good friend of mine.  He’s a really good fella.  He’s been very kind to me in terms of both pushing my spy novel and his generous supply of all kinds […]

To seek out new worlds and new civilizations… oh wait, that’s ‘Star Trek’. The mission to which I refer is the continuing creation of another story from nothing.  Not just any story, though.  It needs to be the best it can for both COAST fans and new readers alike.  It needs to be realistic.  It […]

Hey friends, my friend and fellow author Diane Rapp very kindly gave ‘COAST: An Act Of Burial’ an awesome review when it came out, so please take a few moments to read about Diane’s new novel ‘Murder For Glacier Blue’. Premise Genuine Fakes scheduled a special high-profile auction on the Alaskan itinerary of the Constellation […]

This week, artist Jonathon Earl Bowser and I have been discussing the cover image of the new COAST novel. Isn’t it a little premature, you ask?  Sure it is, but having a very rough mock-up of the previous cover really helped me get into the right mindset when writing ‘Act Of Burial’.  There are a […]

Dear friends, I’m thrilled to announce that ‘COAST: An Act Of Burial’ has been awarded the CBC Bookies Golden Beaver in the category ‘The Page-Turner Award for the Canadian Book You Couldn’t Put Down’.  I am very privileged to be honored with this award, especially when up against other books of such outstanding caliber.  Most […]

Hey folks, it’s been a wee while and a lot has happened in that time! First of all, no-one is more surprised than me that ‘COAST: An Act Of Burial’ got nominated in the CBC Bookies Awards!  Holy cow you should have seen me when news of the nomination came through.  Anyway, a humongous THANK […]

Hey folks it’s been a while but there are a whole bunch of developments I need to pass on.  Life is really very busy and all sorts of water has passed and is passing under the bridge.  My work life has been getting crazy, which kinda detracts from writing, but I’ll take some time off […]

Before I get into explaining the peculiar title, let me just briefly draw your attention to this interview posted on the Every Read Thing website.  Brandon over at ERT is a top fella and I’m not only super-grateful for his interest in my writing, but also to be the very first author interviewed on his […]