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Interview Happens and other developments

Hey folks it’s been a while but there are a whole bunch of developments I need to pass on.  Life is really very busy and all sorts of water has passed and is passing under the bridge.  My work life has been getting crazy, which kinda detracts from writing, but I’ll take some time off soon to stick my nose to the grindstone.  Secondly, a new business venture is starting to get some motion, and that’s very exciting.  But on the other side of the coin we’ve had a couple of rather sad family incidents, which helps remind one that reality delivers up both the rough and the smooth.  It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, as they say, but let’s get into the news:

  • First of all, work—despite Work haha—continues on the second COAST novel.  I’m not going to give too much away if I can help it, but let’s just say that a lot of the questions raised in ‘Act Of Burial’ will be addressed as well as loads of new clues for the boys to unravel.  It’s going to be different, fun and definitely more creepy.
  • I’ve decided to take on a professional publicist who’s a bit brill.  My main brief to them is to find C:AAOB a certain niche which I can’t really talk about, but more details will, I’m sure, be forthcoming in time.
  • The television interview I did with Wes ‘Big W’ Funk on his ‘Lit Happens’ show is online here.  Massive thanks to Wes for being a hero to all us Saskatchewan writers, and to the awesome lads from Shaw Cable who make the show.
  • Got an AWESOME new review today and you can read it here.  Thanks, MaryAnn!
  • Put the license plate ‘COAST 1‘ on my vehicle, just for fun.  Heck, it’s rude not to.

Right… talking of my publicist, I need to go transact with them, so that’ll do for now.  Catch you later spyfans!

Roger and out, X.