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Long Time No See!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on the website so it’s high time for an update!  Please forgive me for the looooong silence.

The biggest and most important news, I suppose, is the announcement of the new novel’s title, which will be…

COAST: A Test Of Faith

Obviously I’m not going to give away the significance of the title nor how I arrived at it but when you read the book you’ll see.  Right now I’m a bit more than three quarters of the way through and thoroughly enjoying being back in the ‘COASTverse’ as I call it.  In related news, the amazingly talented Jonathon Earl Bowser is working on the new cover painting and, without giving anything away, I can say that it’s going to be amazing.  I love what Jon brings to the party, not only for his masterful paintings but for the awesome discussions we have about writing and other forms of art.

By way of balance, there is a little bad news.  About 18 months ago I started to have increasing trouble with some health issues that have been bugging me for a long time.  The early part of 2014 was particularly difficult and somewhat delayed the writing process (as alluded to above, I thought I’d be finished by now).  What this means in practical terms is that the book won’t be out in September as I had planned.  However I’m still hoping for this year, ideally before the festive season.  Given the current state of things, this is a reasonable goal, so look out for more announcements soon.

Right now I have to finish the writing (which is just a matter of typing out what’s in my head) and get the narrative edited.  Which point being raised, I’m welcoming a new editor to my ‘team’.  Her name is Ocia Margaret Faye and she’s a writer from down in the US.  She has a tremendous eye for detail and we connect on many levels so I’m sure she’ll be making a very valuable contribution (and telling me off for all the British spellings haha).  At this point, my original editorial consultant may not be able to work on C:ATOF due to the demands on his time, but we’ll see what happens.  After editing there’ll be typesetting and then it’s off to press!  Much as it’s taken longer than it should have, I’m super stoked!  :-)

Just a quick heads-up:  If you happen to be in Saskatchewan on the weekend of September 20th and 21st, come along and say ‘hi’ at the Saskatchewan Comic and Entertainment Expo at Prarieland Park.  There’ll be book signing (of course) and Jon Bowser and I are sharing a booth.  Also there’ll be a professional authors’ panel featuring yours truly and local legend, author and broadcaster Wes ‘Big W’ Funk.  Wes is an amazing fella; a huge advocate / figurehead for local and regional writers, and an awesome dude.  Last year’s event was fantastic and this year’s will be even better!

On a completely unrelated note, please spare a thought for my wife and her family.  Her dad Ray passed on the 14th of this month at the age of 77.  Obviously this hits her and her sisters hard, having lost their mum several years ago.  Ray Deschamps was certified as a journeyman barber in 1964 and enjoyed a successful career.  He was an avid pool player and guitarist, and loved to have a flutter on the ponies.  He will be greatly missed.

That’s all for now my friends.  Roger and out, X.