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New Release from Diane Rapp: Murder for Glacier BlueNew 

Hey friends, my friend and fellow author Diane Rapp very kindly gave ‘COAST: An Act Of Burial’ an awesome review when it came out, so please take a few moments to read about Diane’s new novel ‘Murder For Glacier Blue’.


Genuine Fakes scheduled a special high-profile auction on the Alaskan itinerary of the Constellation Cruise Lines flagship, the Aurora.  Six paintings valued at over one million dollars each will be displayed next to an ‘authorized fake’ that will be auctioned for charity.  There have never been so many valuable paintings at a Genuine Fakes event.  The company has created buzz in the art world and many high bidders plan to sail on the voyage—art thieves also booked tickets.

Emily Schultz, president of CCL, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to host the auction.  She has a crack new security team to guard the pricey artwork, although Kayla and Steven were promised time off for their wedding.  What could possibly go wrong?  An art heist, murder and Steven’s ex-wife might throw a few kinks into the works.  As the ship navigates through icy waters, truth lies hidden from plain view, much like the treacherous underwater portion of a dangerous iceberg.  Greed, jealousy and envy generate potent motives for murder.

Book Description

Painted in 1907, Glacier Blue is an oil painting recently appraised at 2 million pounds.  As a young man Reginald C. Pierpont, the artist who created the stunning masterpiece, studied with the Impressionists in Europe and bold visionaries painting in the Americas.  The sole heir to a family fortune, Reggie used his vast holdings and leisure time to experiment with new techniques and daring ideas to create his art.  Although the masterpiece failed to turn heads during his own time period, Reggie’s secret method triggers larcenous schemes among modern crooks.

Genuine Fakes, an auction company that sells ‘authorized copies’ of famous paintings, arranges to hold six charity auctions of fakes during a voyage to Alaska.  Million-dollar originals will be displayed next to the Genuine Fakes during each auction—six opportunities for international thieves to steal a valuable piece of art.  The president of Constellation Cruise Line, Emily Schultz suddenly needs her new crack security team to guard the paintings.

One of the fakes is stolen from the buyer’s cabin, prompting a discrete search for the missing canvas.  The stakes rise when a crew member finds a body next to the missing fake and the investigation suddenly takes a deadly turn.  As they learn more about the Glacier Blue original, the investigators realize this is no ordinary work of art.  The painting’s special secret already provoked one murder and it only gets easier to kill again.

Although Emily promised Kayla and Steven a free wedding cruise to Alaska, she begs them to work for a few days on this voyage.  They expected a stress-free cruise up the Inside Passage of Alaska, filled with glaciers, wildlife, stunning scenery and a dream wedding on Glacier Bay, but the art heist and murder might interrupt their plans.  When Steven’s ex-wife Cynthia shows up on the arm of Steven’s school chum, Kayla feels hate-at-first-sight.  The young couple must entertain future in-laws while trying to outsmart murderous outlaws.  Will Kayla and Steven enjoy their special day on Glacier Bay?

Readers can find the e-book of ‘Murder For Glacier Blue’ exclusively sold on Amazon.  Prime members can even borrow the book for free and the author still gets paid.  Print editions will be offered by many online retailers and the author plans a contest on Goodreads to award free print copies.  Visit Diane Rapp’s website to learn more about other novels and send her an e-mail to sign up for notices about new books.

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Diane Rapp’s new novel ‘Murder For Glacier Blue’ is available on Amazon