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Things Are Getting Exciting Round Here!

Hey folks, it’s been a wee while and a lot has happened in that time!

First of all, no-one is more surprised than me that ‘COAST: An Act Of Burial’ got nominated in the CBC Bookies Awards!  Holy cow you should have seen me when news of the nomination came through.  Anyway, a humongous THANK YOU to everyone who’s voted so far, and PLEASE keep those votes coming because the deadline isn’t until April 14th.  At time of writing, C:AAOB is second in the running in the category ‘The Page-Turner Award for the Canadian Book You Couldn’t Put Down’, so let’s see if we can’t improve that!  Also, would you please consider voting for fellow Saskatchewan writers Wes Funk and Candace Savage?  They’re in the ‘Steamiest Read’ and ‘Best Canadian Writer’ category respectively.

To make it easier, here’s a shortened URL:  http://bit.ly/vote4sk

In other news, I’m very pleased to announce that work on the new COAST novel is progressing well.  In contiguous terms I’m a few chapters in, although I never write in order so I’m going to be bold and say I’m about a quarter of the way done.  Of course, there’s still a LOT of writing, tweaking, editing and criticism to go.  But I’m really pleased with the way the new novel is shaping up.  Although I’m not an experienced writer by any means, I really enjoyed the (admittedly rather long) process of plotting out ‘Act Of Burial’ and the same is true of the new book.  There are moments when complex plot points just ‘snap’ into place in one’s imagination and they’re awesome.  It’s like one’s brain is a tumble-polisher with all these rough stones in it.  You close the lid, switch it on and just let stuff rattle away for a bit.  Then, magically, wonderfully, out come little wee polished gems.  I never knew writing could be so much fun.

Thanks to help from my good friend Gary Chappell I’ve managed to get the novel in a couple of Coles bookstores here in town and that’s great, because Saskatchewan people are getting interested in what’s happening with C:AAOB.  So the novel is now for sale at Coles Midtown and Coles Lawson Heights.  Big thanks to their respective managers Bill and Amy, who’ve both been really helpful.  As it goes, Gary and I have booked signings at both stores for this month: Lawson Heights on Saturday 2oth and Midtown a week later, both events running from 1-4PM.  We look forward to seeing you there!

That’s all for now.  Please go vote and keep voting!  Vote for Candace Savage, Wes Funk’s ‘Cherry Blossoms’ and ‘COAST: An Act Of Burial’.  THANK YOU!

Roger and out, X.